DJ Dris Drops Yet Another Afro House Production, ‘Underwater’

DJ Dris drops yet another Afro House production with the release of ‘Underwater’ via Born Digital Music. As his groovy signature sound takes centre stage once again, DJ Dris’ commitment and determination towards his craft and growing his reputation within Electronic Music remains evident, appearing through his consistent release schedule and the quality of his productions. Having been offering fans engaging sonic experiences with numerous releases this year alone, DJ Dris continues to highlight his innate talents when it comes to creating impactful music that is as funky in sound as it is in uplifting energy. Now, with ‘Underwater’, DJ Dris once again provides powerful proof as to why he deserves attention, remaining high on the list of talents to keep watching. 

As he becomes known for a signature style that draws inspiration from the vibrant elements of Afro House and Tribal House and the hard-hitting details of Drill, DJ Dris continues to curate a sonic identity that is uniquely original, distinguishing himself on the Electronic Music scene. Having been leading a musical journey that has led him into various creative roles such as Rapper, Podcast Presenter, and Radio Show host, DJ Dris remains driven and motivated in his artistic approach, now focusing his creative energy on building his discography. This newest release no doubt comes as a compelling addition to his catalogue; with its unique groove and rich sound, ‘Underwater’ is surely poised to excite listeners, guiding them on a mesmerising sonic journey through its detailed soundscape. 

Opening with a dynamic rhythm section, ‘Underwater’ quickly evolves in sound as a relentless drone, soulful vocals, and a funky bassline join the mix; then, continuing to add to the innovative groove of the track, DJ Dris incorporates a vibrant horn section, elevating the lively vibes of ‘Underwater’ further. As the bold bassline, groovy vocals, and syncopated rhythmic elements lead the listening experience, ‘Underwater’ invites listeners into its unique sound, highlighting DJ Dris’ innovative creativity and original approach towards music creation. 

Sure to continue raising the bar with more releases soon, DJ Dris is a name to keep on your radar. So, be sure to delve into his captivating sonic world by immersing yourself in his production catalogue, and follow him across social media to not miss out on his upcoming releases. ‘Underwater’ is out now via Born Digital Music and is available to stream and download across platforms.

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