Afrojack & Zafrir Release Down-Tempo Dance Hit ‘Boom Boom Pow’: Listen

Afrojack & Zafrir release the single with some interesting production choices as well as their signature sounds

After releasing the feel-good house anthem ‘Return of the Mack’ with Chasner and Rob Adans earlier this year, the legendary Dutch record producer and DJ, Afrojack (real name: Nick van de Wall), teams up with the all-round musical talent Zafrir to releases a distinct electro-pop collaboration. Released on Wall Recordings, ‘Boom Boom Pow’ leans more towards hip-hop style clubbier production with some interesting production choices that include a more down-tempo beat while also fusing together the talents of both the producers with some of their signature elements.

The song has a different BPM than we are used to listening to from Afrojack and works well with the darker vibes of Zafrir, who is making a name for himself on Spinnin’ Records. Zafrir’s music constantly evolves and changes as he experiments with a lot of new sounds without sticking to a particular style. Afrojack is also known for bending the boundaries of genres and this release conveys a great mix of the two deriving influences from different styles without restricting themselves to one.

“Something New Here – New BPM, same me.”

– Afrojack via Instagram

The track opens up with a G-House style bass under the uncredited female vocals and melodic percussions that are typical of hip-hop. It progresses into the next section with a pluckier bassline without much else other than the drums to keep the listener focused on the rap that continues throughout. The arrangement of the song is more hip hop as the verse goes into the chorus with a short trap fill. The chorus section is introduced with the signature Afrojack Dutch House squeaky lead synths that play with the vocals before taking over for a smaller second chorus section. The beat continues to keep the flow going before repeating the chorus with a longer fill. The energy of the song goes down for the break with more uncredited male vocals over darker keys and a modern pad that we hear in pop music. Overall, the track has short sections with a quirky blend of the two producers’ experimentation.

Listen to ‘Boom Boom Pow’, out now on Wall Recordings via Spinnin’ Records, by Afrojack and Zafrir now below.

Image Credit: Spinnin’ Records Releases on website

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