Amsterdam’s Indie Electronic Sensation CUT_ Unleashes ‘Anime’

CUT_, the electrifying indie electronic duo from Amsterdam, is set to shake the foundations of dance music with their latest single, “Anime.” This track, a pulsating force of nature, promises to reign supreme over every dancefloor it touches.

With their innovative new DJ set, CUT_ delivers an unforgettable experience, showcasing their latest tracks, with “Anime” taking center stage as the queen of them all. The song delves into the power dynamic between creator and created, posing profound philosophical questions about freedom and societal influence.

“It’s powerful, it’s a driving force,” says CUT_ of their latest release. “We wanted to explore the idea of freedom and whether it’s merely an illusion created by society.”

DIY Music Video Concept

Accompanying “Anime” is the visually stimulating DIY music video, the seventh video in a series of eight. Entirely conceptualized and crafted by the duo themselves, the video is a strong visual to accompany the music. Adding to the allure is the ingenious glitch artistry of Cyborg Jungle, creating a visual that tantalizes the senses.

Europe Tour 2024

As CUT_ gears up to unleash their sonic shockwaves, they are preparing for an exhilarating summer tour across Europe. Audiences can expect to be transformed by their performances, as they bring their unique blend of indie electronic magic to places across Europe. Sziget, Keep On Festival and Colors of Ostrava are on the list this summer of “24.

“Anime” is available now on all digital streaming platforms, ready to ignite dancefloors worldwide.

Stream it here

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