Armin van Buuren Drops Ninth Studio Album ‘Breathe In’

There’s more to breathing in than simply inhaling oxygen. Beyond the former, it’s about appreciating the moment and what’s about to happen, and about seeing the light in others. Taking a breath means forcing yourself to be in the here and now, accepting and respecting what’s in front of you, welcoming the outside influence and establishing a deeper connection with everything, or everyone, around you.”

Fallen from the lips of Armin van Buuren himself, these words drive the Dutchman’s ninth studio album, ‘Breathe In’, released today on Armada Music. 

 Listen to Armin van Buuren’s Breathe In

Written over the two-plus years following the end of the pandemic and inspired by being back on dance floors, ‘Breathe In’ is the next step in the narrative that started with ‘Feel Again’. Whereas ‘Feel Again’ explored Armin van Buuren’s journey of re-establishing a connection with himself and the music he loves, ‘Breathe In’ shifts focus to the connection he has with his fans. 

“In sound, soul, and spirit, Breathe In reflects and underlines music’s ability to unite whilst urging listeners to celebrate life, see the light in others, and (re)connect on dance floors. I urge everyone to focus on the wonder around them, inhale, and let it shape a deeper understanding for one another. Just Breathe In.”

Armin van Buuren

The album is spearheaded by a contagious debut linkup with fellow Grammy-nominated and chart-topping act Goodboys: ‘Forever (Stay Like This). The track draws from Guru Josh’s 1990 hit ‘Infinity’ whilst bearing all the hallmarks of a melodic banger, setting the tone for the album’s more positive sound and an overall higher bpm. 

The remainder of the twelve tracks, including ‘God Is In The Soundwaves’, ‘Love Is A Drug’, ‘Lose This Feeling’, and ‘Bed Of Rain’, radiate positivity, open-mindedness, and unity, presenting a multidimensional snapshot of who Armin van Buuren is right now as a person and producer.  

‘Breathe In’ is available now via Armada Music here.


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