BLR brings instant classic ‘Comfort Me’

Making waves in 2017 with his biggest hit to date ‘Taj’ (counting over 110 million YouTube streams) renowned Dutch producer BLR now brings a highly anticipated new single ‘Comfort Me’, featuring his inventive deep house sound, spacious effects, and beautiful synth chords, perfected by the sultry vocals of MVRT, a recent winner of The Voice in her native country Poland. Such a warm mix of deep, vocal house and progressive, this record is as compelling as it is energizing.

Watch the music video with some beautiful 3D animations and some unforgettable, unique dance moves.

Initially kicked off as a side project by Dutch DJ/producer Bolier, the name BLR quickly became notoriety on its own. Immediately making waves with debut single ‘Nungwi’ in 2016, his distinctive deep house records, defined by stylish beats and unique, delicate sounds, caught the attention of several DJs. Especially 2017’s ‘Taj’ was a highlight in the BLR oeuvre, an instant classic track that not only scored widespread DJ support but also 11 million Spotify plays and 110 million YouTube views – quite a performance for such a subtle club tune.

Since then, BLR has kept on delivering gems like this, while still looking for the perfect follow-up to ‘Taj’. With ‘Comfort Me’, he seems to have done just that. Inspired by a sweet blend of deep and progressive house as well as strong songwriting, the record brings similar vibes as ‘Taj’, enhanced by MVRT, winner of 2017’s talent show The Voice in her home country Poland, who delivers the perfect emotionally driven vocals that the beautiful chords of ‘Comfort Me’ ask for.

“The music, rhythm and allover vibe of ‘Taj’ was actually an homage to the same sound back in the late ’00s, made by artists like Deadmau5. And now, ‘Comfort Me’ continues on that atmosphere, evolving with some more songwriting parts. I’ve been working on a follow-up to ‘Taj’ for two years, but never felt happy with any of the tracks that came out. This one was made in half a day and immediately felt right. The vocals were recorded a day later, also perfect in one take. It proves the point once again: don’t force anything, most good things come suddenly and quickly.” – BLR

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