CAPO BEATZ released ‘You Lie’ after being tired of lies in relationships in the past

CAPO BEATZ is a music producer from Germany, he started producing music at a young age, more exactly in 2005. And like that cliché goes, after hard work and dedication the results showed up and he achieved some chart successes with a couple of productions for hip-hop artists. Starting in mid-2020, he followed his goals and began to build his solo career. Recently, he has released the first song in 2021 called ‘You Lie’ which is a good-vibe spreading song, perfect for a sunny day since his productions are mainly a dance/pop mixture with some hip hop vibes.

“In the past I was often tired of lies in relationships and bad vibes so I made this song. With the inspiration from The Weeknd – Blinding Lights and Gashis 1984 LP, I’ve made a retro pop synth wave song with some deep house elements and a catchy lead as the final highlight at the end of the song.”

The song was released on 12th February and the feedback that the song received was overwhelming. With his first releases he achieved a massive number of streams as a newcomer – 250.000, and due to that he knows that the right way to do it is to invest even more energy in building his own career as a music producer. Besides working on his singles and an EP, he’s also producing music for some German artists.

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