David Warden Just Released his New Record ‘Torpedo’ in Collaboration with his Swedish Partner Backas

Starting the new year with a bang newcomer DJ and Music Producer David Warden just released his new record ‘Torpedo’ in collaboration with his swedish partner Backas.

This energetic heater stands out with a simple melody played by big futuristic synths in the drop combined with an atmospheric break which is guided by organic instruments and smooth melody changes that guarantee to captivate any listener.
Inspired by the new Future Rave sound that David Guetta and MORTEN introduced back in 2019 David Warden and Backas have now interpreted this style in their own unique way.

This records drum rythms and melodies make it a catchy record that says more than a thousand words making sure to make you dance from the first second to the last. ‘Torpedo’ is just the first release of their ‘ERA’ EP which will combine multiple releases that will be released throughout 2021 featuring other amazing artists.

“With ‘ERA’ we want to mark the start of something new and something very exciting for us” they say. As a college dropout the 22 years old David Warden is definetly one to watch with big plans for his future in the music industry. “In 2020 I took the time to really focus on music and I am excited to show my music to the world” he says. With more than 25 upcoming releases David is a promising artist who will not stop climbing until he reaches the top.

While coming from different countries both David and Backas are speaking through music “the universal language that is not about listening but about living” as Backas says. He continues “My goal is to make people love music the way I love it and to make people feel music the way I feel it”.

Even though Backas is 5 years older than David they could both connect on a deep level in their remote studio sessions working from the early evenings into the late nights. This collaboration is not only a musical experience but also a sign that music can overcome any difference in age language and even culture.

With ‘Torpedo’ being the first release of their ‘ERA’ EP David Warden and Backas will continue to release unique records throughout 2021 and will still feature many great artists.

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