DJ AYKO Takes us ‘Home’ with a Melodic, Reflective Sonic Poem

Francesco Dogliani, known professionally as AYKO, has always taken inspiration from his musical environment, from 80’s British pop music to Italo disco and 90’s rave music. As a seasoned veteran who has spent years crafting his music skills in the club and dance world, AYKO has consistently turned out entrancing melodic techno music designed to stir the soul and reach previously unknown heights.

The title track from AYKO’s forthcoming EP Home will have the listener examining their emotions under a microscope. “Home” is a romantic poem about longing and the need for human connection. It tells the story of someone who has lost a loved one, and the inability to forget the impact that person has had on their life. The track was created during a difficult time, in the backdrop of the many uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, and can be interpreted in many ways. Set to a vibrant soundscape of dreamy synths with dark, earthy vocals, “Home” is a thoughtful reflection piece on what it means to be human.

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