DJ/Producer Meetch Introduces his Listeners to the World of ‘Digital Dance Radio’

Embarking on an exciting new chapter in his musical journey, we had the chance to sit down with the talented DJ/Producer Meetch, as he introduces his listeners to the world of ‘Digital Dance Radio’, his latest endeavor that promises to resonate through the airwaves with electrifying beats and infectious energy. With a boundless passion for music, Meetch has proven himself not only as a skillful DJ and producer but also as an engaging storyteller through his mixes. In this exclusive conversation, Meetch offers us a glimpse into the inspiration behind his radio show, his vision for the future, and the fusion of genres that’s set to captivate electronic dance music enthusiasts worldwide. So, join us as we dive into the rhythm and wavelengths of ‘Digital Dance Radio’ with Meetch himself.

Hi Meetch, congratulations on launching your radio show! How are you?
This radio show has me feeling GREAT! So excited to get this show launched.

What was the inspiration behind starting your own radio show?
I always thought I had a really good “radio voice” and at the same time I get to put my mixes out to be heard by so many more people. So, combining the both felt really good. I just built an insane studio at home, so now I get to mix constantly in such an awesome spot.

Do you have a specific vision or goal in mind as you set out to start ‘Digital Dance Radio’?
I think it’s good to literally get my voice out in the Dance music world. I like talking a lot so a radio show really seems like a great way to do this! On my own time of course. I know this will launch a lot of future things for my music career too.

Will your radio show be dedicated to a particular genre or will you be exploring various genres to give your listeners a well-rounded experience?
As of now, I am going to stick to House and the sub-genres within House. If that’s the music I like and like to play live, I want to do a show that shows the styles that I would play live. As the show grows, I would love do different fun episodes like “Trap Tuesdays” I used to make fun Trap beats long ago.

How much of your own listening habits have influenced the mixes and tracklists for the show?
I think I’m influenced a lot by what I listen to. I listed to a lot of Pop-Punk and Metal so I like to incorporate classic “emo” songs or remixes during my set. I love having people sing along. I think a lot of people miss this during their sets. It’s so important to have that sing along experience during a set. When I think of being in a crowd, I love to look around and see that everyone is singing a song or enjoying the moment all together at once. I try my best to recreate experiences like that, no matter the genre.

Are you planning on inviting any special guests to the show?
Yes, I will definitely have guest mixes happening!

Do you have any favourite radio shows that you listen to weekly?
I don’t know if I have anything that is a favorite of mine. I spend a lot of my time in my car listening to new songs in the genres of the next show I’m doing, so when I hear something I like, I make sure to save it. I did get one of my favorite songs to play live from a radio show I listened to by Small Tok Music. Shout out to them!

Can you give us some examples of artists you plan to feature in the episodes?
Well, I think that would ruin the surprise! I think I mainly want to balance the features out by some local artist friends that I know and medium-bigger star DJs. Then of course, still have my own mixes where I throw down my own mixes. I will definitely find a good blend of the options.

What are you hoping fans will take away from your radio show?
I think it’s a great way for people to discover new music to use during their sets or just to drive in the car and jam out. It’s also a way I can play new music of mine and upcoming projects and throw in little hints and clips like that. This could also be a way for people to know what to expect during my shows. Not the exact shows, but the style of music and energy.

Finally, as your radio show takes off, what are your hopes for its future and the contribution you’d like it to make within the Electronic Dance music world?
I would really like to this to become an international radio show, as that will allow me to be featured in spots on radio stations internationally. I have been traveling the world so much these last years, I dream to blend that with music. I want the mixes to feature recorded live sets at some time as well. So, people that missed the live show can catch the recording of the live set. And if there are videos across the web from the show, they can connect the video to the part in the mix and understand what the moment in time was like. I swear I think so deep about things.

With an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch mixes and an infectious enthusiasm for the craft, Meetch’s radio show ‘Digital Dance Radio’ promises to be the go-to place for fans of Electronic Dance music to find fresh and powerful new music as well as, enjoy Meetch’s mixing skills. As the show evolves and spreads its wings, we can’t help but be excited about the journey ahead; make sure to follow Meetch around social media to be updated on the shows launch and new episodes.

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