D&M drop electrifying EDM Track “Fading Away” featuring Jaime Deraz

EDM powerhouse DJ & Producer Duo D&M is back and they are ready to blow your mind with their latest release “Fading Away.”

Out now, this track is a game-changer, combining D&M’s dope beats with soulful vocals of the insanely talented singer-songwriter Jaime Deraz

“Fading Away” is more than just a song; it’s an experience!

D&M has leveled up their sound, mixing massive kicks and hard Big Room elements to create an immersive, high-energy vibe. The track’s explosive synths and deep bassline, coupled with Jaime Deraz’s haunting voice, make it a must-listen for anyone who loves electronic music played on big festival stages around the globe!

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We are very grateful and super excited about future projects!” the boys state with huge enthusiasm!

Feedback is raving about “Fading Away.” Music insider claim, „D&M has redefined the EDM scene with this track. It’s a perfect blend of raw emotion and high energy.” The song is already making waves on major streaming platforms.

Fans are buzzing on social media, and the hype is real. „D&M and Jaime Deraz have created something truly special”, tweeted one fan. „This track is fire and gives all the feels.”

For D&M and Jaime Deraz, this collaboration is more than just a music project; it’s a shared passion. Working together has been an honor, and their combined talent shines through in every beat.

Don’t miss out; Go and stream “Fading Away” now!

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Download and Stream: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/dm52/fading-away-feat-jaime-deraz

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