Don Diablo live from his Toilet

When you can’t go to the party I will bring the party to you! - Don Diablo

Since every DJ is lockdown in their houses around the world due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, they started to make sets for their fans from their own homes. After Don Diablo did a live set from his swiming pool for this time he suprsied everyone with a set from no other plance than his toilet, yes, from his own toiled.

Welcome to episode 005 of “The Art Of DJ’ing”! Yes. We made it happen. A party in the smallest room in my house: the toilet! It was hard work to be honest but despite the fire alarm going off (and the neighbours knocking down the door) we made it happen! When you can’t go to the party I will bring the party to you! Feel free to dance your socks off in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Stay strong and keep safe ❤Don Diablo

Enjoy the 57 minutes of music played by Don Diablo from his toilet

Also if you have any ideas from where Don Diablo should do the next set from his own home, make sure you leave a comment on YouTube’s video.

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