Eva Shaw Releases Club-Ready “HYPE HOP 002” EP: Listen

Eva Shaw continues to explore her new hip-hop influenced house sound with the release of "HYPE HOP 002" EP

Eva Shaw has dropped brand new music with her genre-bending “HYPE HOP 002” EP, out now on her label Mad Fatti. The second EP comes just days after the release of the lead single ‘100GANG’ with BIJOU and Hitmakerchinx. Eva continues to delve into her latest “HYPE HOP” sound that takes inspiration from hip-hop while being seamlessly blended into house music.

“HYPE HOP 002” comes as a breath of fresh air offering a unique bass house style with a twist on vocals being proper rap than the more common spoken word vocals. After a groovy start to the EP with “100GANG”, two hype-hop edits follow for the next two songs, including ‘RAW’ with G Milla and Jaay Cee before finishing off with another exciting track ‘MOJO’ with G Milla as well.

You can check out “HYPE HOP 002” by Eva Shaw out now on Mad Fatti below.

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Image Credit: Eva Shaw (for EDMNomad)

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