Exploring Matthew Schultz’s Latest Euphoric Dance-Pop Single ‘Can You Feel It’

Devoted producer Matthew Schultz raises the bar this side of the summer, with his latest euphoric dance-pop single and celebration ‘Can You Feel It’.

Featuring the blissful balancing of keys, synths and humble yet uplifting vocals, ‘Can You Feel It’ showcases the breadth of ability and unwavering diversity and passion of producer Schultz.

Originally known for his work as guitarist in Chris Daughtry’s first band, later establishing himself as an unrivalled producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Matthew Schultz consistently brings versatility and skill to modern music.

With multiple originals having been featured in a plethora of Spotify Editorial Playlists, and several achieving viral success in eight different countries, Matthew Schultz’ reputation is swiftly gaining recognition.

The single ‘Somewhere Far’ notes over 9 million streams alone, and with the release of the genre-fusing good vibes anthem ‘Can You Feel It’, Schultz’ audience reach is set to skyrocket all the more so.

Stream here: https://open.spotify.com/track/3bY23N5NSjVYqIPJ2b0Qo6

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