Fabian Mazur Finally Releases “King Is Back”

After a years hiatus, trap and bass music heavyweight Fabian Mazur returns with the aptly titled ‘King Is Back’. Known for his crisp, no-holds-barred production style and genre-defying releases, Mazur sounds reinvigorated on this standout release. Masterfully poised in its simplicity, “King Is Back” triumphs in its attempt to establish himself as a true powerhouse of the style.

“The track started from a phone memo of me whispering “Ah yeah, fuck it up” multiple times while beatboxing. This may sound ridiculous but it was actually what sparked the whole track idea. I then went on to produce the track with a dark hip-hop-like vibe with a heavy bounce to it. My intention was to create something with head-bopping energy that would project onto the listener!”

Listen to “King is Back” below:


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