First Julian Cross Release on Wall, ‘Antidote’

ulian Cross has the cure for feet that won’t move! Because his release ‘Antidote’, that has come out on the 24th of March, is sure
to make you dance. The talented producer that got signed to WALL Recordings in 2021, the label imprint of AFROJACK, is ready to
premier his brand-new track on one of the biggest festivals in the world: Ultra Miami. ‘Antidote’ is a heavy hitting EDM instrumental with a driving beat that will keep you occupied for the entire duration of the track. A track made for every stage and it’s now available from the comfort of your own home as well.

Born in The Netherlands and raised in Belgium, DJ/Producer Julian Cross has been steadily perfecting his craft and paving his way into
the Dance-scene. In a matter of 2 years, Julian progressed from playing at local cafe’s to entertaining a crowd of 40.000 at
Tomorrowland the Gathering. Releasing tracks like ‘Step Into My Shoes’ in 2020 and ‘Strangers’ in 2021 which have amassed millions
of streams to date.

Now, after another year of honing his skills, Julian is totally ready for the next chapter. This new chapter will involve a lot of upcoming
music and an album soon to follow. Which, right now, he kicks off in style with this absolute smasher of an ‘Antidote’.
Huge hitting mainstage sounds with groovy rhythms in his first ever release on Wall Recordings and already supported by AFROJACK
himself. In short, this is the perfect track to start the festival season of 2023. Keep your ears wide open because you are going to hear a
lot more from Julian Cross the coming year!

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