Julian Jordan Starts 2022 with a New Release ‘Sound Of The Bass’

Julian Jordan is continuing his winning streak and is back with ‘Sound Of The Bass’, the sequel to his previous release ‘Thunder’. After being in lockdown for over 15 months and not being able to do any live shows, Jordan was able to get back on the stage and into the feeling of performing live since May last year. The energy everyone had saved up was enormous which inspired him to provide people with the right bangers to party to. While building on ‘Sound Of The Bass’, Jordan was able to test it live during various performances, getting an overwhelming amount of energy from the crowd everywhere he played it.

Now that a lot of live shows are compromised again due to the pandemic, it felt like the right time to give his fans a track that takes them back to that live show feeling and better times. Inspired by longing for the good times before the pandemic even existed and letting yourself be sucked into the music, the vibe of ‘Sound Of The Bass’ makes you forget about today’s worries for a little while.

With his previous two releases shooting straight to 1001Tracklists #1 top trending and #1 top newcomer as well as Beatport #1 mainstage, ‘Sound Of The Bass’, is ready to take over. 

Download and Stream: http://stmpd.co/T2Z6Di8B

One day you'll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember.


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