KAS:ST Release Stunning New Music Video. ‘Hold Me To The Light

Fresh off the back of their A Magic World album, vital dance duo KAS:ST is back with a third stunning new music video. ‘Hold Me To The Light’ lands exactly one year after the music industry ground to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and is a timely reminder of how sorely missed that sense of dance floor unity really is.

This new video from the French duo and Flyance Records owners – written and directed by Urban Film Festival Award 2019 winners Kevin Gay and Henri Coutant – is an ode to the hedonists and nightlife lovers, nocturnal party people and the diverse mix of dancers who make up the underground music scene.

It takes you to the heart of various parties with fantastically styled and dressed-up characters, mesmeric light shows and cascades of confetti that all drop you right to the middle of a party at the peak of the night. The track it accompanies was one of the biggest melodic tunes of 2019 and 2020, and it comes on the heels of ‘VTOPIA’, which landed in November and, along with the first in the series, has already amassed a total of more than six million views. KAS:ST make music with dramatic breakdowns and big melodic highs.

They bring the emotional elements of trance and their own grandiose grooves to labels like Afterlife, and amplify each tune with rich production, as showcased in this new video once more. This is another wonderful window into the world of KAS:ST and a momentary escape back to better times.

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