KSHMR Releases Masterful Debut Album “Harmonica Andromeda”: Listen

The 14-track LP is a testament to KSHMR’s incredible production skills

KSHMR (real name: Niles Hollowell-Dhar) has finally released his much-awaited debut album “Harmonica Andromeda”, out now via Dharma Worldwide and Spinnin’ Records. The album consists of 14 tracks including 3 carefully placed interludes to signify the next chapters in the musical journey he takes the listeners on. Each song is captivating in itself and works even better as a whole unit, flowing seamlessly from one track to the next.

The hype surrounding the album was real, with KSHMR himself calling it “one of the most ambitious, maybe even one of the best electronic albums of all time”. The lead single ‘The World We Left Behind’ featuring KARRA was released leading up to the album along with a second single ‘Around The World’ featuring NOUMENN.

“The creation of Harmonica Andromeda made me fall in love with music all over again – there’s a journey in every song. It’s the most creative music I’ve ever made and the most challenging, filled with sharp turns and surprises. I hope the world loves it as much as I do.”

KSHMR on creating “Harmonica Andromeda”

KSHMR puts his signature sounds on full display with the tracks comprising of many elements of Indian and world instruments, with the flute, harmonica, and guitar being the chief among them. The album has been put together to be played as one, from the first track to the last in a single sitting. While the lead singles can be seen as the strongest tracks with ‘I Will Be A Lion’ featuring Jake Reese, each song takes you through the different parts of the theatrical journey that is “Harmonica Andromeda”.

The production quality stands out the most with the Indian-American master producer’s ability to incorporate traditional cultural instruments into modern music continuing to shine through. From the cinematic orchestral elements to the powerful play of the low-end basses, the treatment of each part is done in a smooth fashion delivering sonic quality of the highest order. Each track has its own place generating different emotions taking us through different phases of this grand carnival ride. The hidden gem of a song ‘Paula’ that KSHMR wrote for his mother is the last song on the album and has him singing for the first time ever, with a sweet, vulnerable, and gracious feel.

“Harmonica Andromeda” is the magical masterpiece of KSHMR, clearly exhibiting his mastery in all facets of music production. Be sure to listen to the album from start to finish in a single go for the best experience. This is a must listen that dance music fans don’t want to miss out on. Check out the album below.

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