Luxley: seeing sounds and bringing them to life

Luxley’s latest release “Can’t Fool Me” brings out his usual atmospheric, creative sound in full force. The track strikes the ideal balance between psychedelic and powerful rave-friendly beats. The secret sauce behind his creativity lies in his Chromasthesia, a condition that sees the New-Orleans artist able to mentally link sounds with specific colours. Harnessing the power of this condition, Luxley sets out to convey this phenomenon in the form of something tangible that others can experience and enjoy.

“Can’t Fool Me” is a track with energy and empowerment in it’s very essence. The track also stands out for its creative use of visuals. Distorted and augmented, the cover art for “Can’t Fool Me” blends the natural with the unnatural, taking Luxley’s face and superimposing it onto a faceless mannequin.

Throughout “Can’t Fool Me”, distorted drums and glitching percussion open the track to beautifully sung vocals in a classic House delivery and tone. Vocal samples glitch in and out during the instrumental break downs and leave room for the audience to dance before the next verse starts and the audience prepares to sing along. Establishing himself as a rising artist and one without limits, Luxley’s new release dips between moments of intimacy and vigorous sonic impact, nuanced with melancholic sentiments.


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