Mouth Water Drops Retro Electronic Pop New Single “Blackout”

Italian producer Lawrence Fancelli, better known by his electrifying stage name Mouth Water, has released his latest hypnotic single, “Blackout.” Just in time for his sizzling summer tour with Sophie and the Giants, this track promises to ignite your senses.

Mouth Water’s creative process is a symphony of precision and passion. Starting with chord progressions or analog synth explorations, he layers sounds until he finds the perfect match. “Blackout” pulses with a tantalizing 120 BPM beat and seductive synth arpeggios, mixed to perfection by Mark Yardley of Stanton Warriors. Featuring a mysterious female vocal —a rarity for Mouth Water—t he lyrics conjure the primal allure of the dancefloor, urging you to lose yourself in the rhythm.

Recorded in OSB Studio, nestled in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, “Blackout” seamlessly fuses programmed synths and drum machines with live instruments like bass guitar, keyboards, and clarinet. Drawing inspiration from ’90s electropop and the iconic Blade Runner score by Vangelis, Mouth Water crafts tracks that can electrify a club or offer an intimate auditory escape.

For fans of 80s electronic pop, “Blackout” offers a modern twist on the genre’s nostalgic sound. The track’s lush synth textures and driving beat inviting listeners to dance and dream in equal measure.

With his star on the rise through electrifying live shows and high-profile remixes for artists like Lindstrøm and Rhye, Mouth Water is making waves in the music scene. Following a standout performance at Primavera Sound Barcelona 2024, he is set to bring his unique blend of concert and DJ set to new audiences this summer.

“Blackout” is now available on all digital platforms via Through The Void Records.

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