Sam Feldt is getting ‘Stronger’ (feat. Kesha)

Sam Feldt keeps raising heads, kicking off 2021 with stellar new single ‘Stronger’, featuring internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated US singer/songwriter Kesha. ‘Stronger’ blends Feldt’s sultry production sound and taste for undeniably tasty pop hooks with Kesha’s touching and unique vocals. It’s two artists bringing out the best in each other, making us ‘Stronger’ for a surely invigorating new year – out now on Heartfeldt Records.

Sam Feldt is known for delivering music that fits the zeitgeist. His last release, the 3-track ‘Home Sweet Home’ EP was a beautiful ode to life at home, providing support to those caught around the world in global lockdown.

Since then, Sam Feldt has maintained a low profile. Processing last year’s events, he prepared himself for 2021, emptying his mind, working on new music, making plans for a new chapter that lies ahead. In order to do this, he started a temporary social blackout, not posting or sharing anything for the first three weeks of the year.

Now, with this period behind him, and as 2021 dawns, there are high hopes for a better year to come. It’s that feeling of holding on, of getting through these last few, final barriers before life gets better. And it’s not just ‘holding on’, it’s getting stronger, growing from all of this so we can start an exciting new chapter, together. And as he is always able to do, Sam Feldt delivers just the right soundtrack for the moment yet again.

’Stronger’ features none other than Kesha, the highly acclaimed US popstar, singer and songwriter known for global smash hits like ’Tik Tok’, ‘Die Young’ and ‘Praying’, her acclaimed most recent albums ‘High Road’ and the GRAMMY-nominated ‘Rainbow’, and her recently launched Kesha And The Creepies podcast.

Kesha, who co-wrote the song, delivers her signature inspired, battle-cry vocals which are a major force bringing to life the song’s message of healing, while the track is bolstered by gentle guitar licks, percussion and warm synth chords. As the vocals move into a euphoric, uplifting chorus, Sam Feldt’s production takes things sky high with sweet rhythms and precious melodics.

‘Stronger’ truly is the tune we’ve been waiting for. Two artists known for their empowered and celebratory messages, now providing 2021 with a track that’s bound to raise positivity all over the globe again.

Get ready for an exciting new year, cause we’re getting ‘Stronger’.

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