Sander van Doorn Hits Armada Music with his First Original Track on the Label ‘Sunlight’

After releasing several Purple Haze tracks and various remixes on Armada Music and its subsidiary labels over the years, Sander van Doorn has finally made his solo debut on Armada Music under his main moniker. In the making for around nine months across two different studios and lots of personal development, ‘Sunlight’ (feat. Dan Soleil) symbolizes the Dutchman’s new, more positive and healthier attitude toward life.

Sander van Doorn’s first-ever original release on Armada Music is a grade A record designed for club space glory. Flaunting a flawless synergy between Dan Soleil’s dreamy vocal presence and the soaring lead synths, this brand-new offering from the Dutch dance music champ is exactly the kind of dance floor thrill his fans are after.

“Since I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my productions, it was amazing to work with such a talented guy,” says Sander van Doorn about collaborating with Dan Soleil. “We clicked immediately and had a great time building the track into what it has become now. It’s safe to say ‘Sunlight’ is a track we’re both very proud of.”

“It also feels great to release on Armada Music again”, he continues. “They’re professionals who really know what they’re doing, so it’s actually a bit strange that it’s taken this long for me to release an original single on the label. I’ve met the team quite regularly on tour and we’ve always had the intention to work together again, but the right moment and appropriate track only came round just now. I think ‘Sunlight’ fits the style and sound of Armada Music to a tee, so it makes a lot of sense teaming up with them now.”

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