Simon Miles Drops Progressive House Masterpiece ‘Eye of the Storm’ Featuring Jonny Rose’s Mesmerizing Vocals

Simon Miles’ new release ‘Eye of the Storm’ is a Progressive House gem with a little trance influence. Warm and euphoric vocals by the dutch singer Jonny Rose make the track melodic yet powerful. His mission is to create something encouraging, Eye of the storm is talking about hope and not being alone in dark moments.

Simon is known for his emotional and melodic work, always ready for the club but radio friendly at the same time. This is resulting in iTunes top placements all over the world. Number 1 in the swiss house charts, number 27 in the german dance charts and number 20 in the
dutch electronic charts, to name a few. This didn’t stay unnoticed for a long time. Swiss platinum and gold producer FreeG invited the
youngster into the studio to create a longlasting collaboration over multiple songs.

Official remixes for grammy award winning singer Mitch Wong, Eurovision Song Contest participant Naeman and the popular swiss DJ Gil Glaze have been made. Simon Miles is playing over 70 yearly shows and hitting DJ Mag top 100 venues such as NOA Beach Club in Croatia and Ministry of Sound in London. He’s an outstanding performer with his singable and powerful live shows. His ability to read the crowd charmes party people all over Europe.

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