New Releases Soave Releases "Getaway" with Henri Purnell and Goldbird

Soave Releases “Getaway” with Henri Purnell and Goldbird

Fans of Soave will surely recognize Henri Purnell from tracks like “Feel It Still” and “Eyes On You.” Well, he’s back for another helping with Goldbird and a hand from the label boss himself who is credited for help in the writing process. Oftentimes, labels are viewed as these faceless machines that process and promote music, but these independent ones truly have a heart to them. This hands-on approach simply leads to better music as all parties work together and play to their strengths.

“Getaway” is the perfect escapist track with hypnotic vocals atop dynamic instrumentals. This combination leads to some very special moments within the track such as the trumpet solos and memorable hooks. Everyone brought their best when working on this track and it shows in the polished yet soulful result. Stream it now using the link below:


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