Spinnin’ Records hosts live stream with exclusive performances

Dubdogz, Kryder, Vintage Culture and many more

Since most of the world is at home the coming weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Spinnin’ Records is giving fans a way to experience some of the performances on which they will miss out. Introducing Spinnin’ Home Sessions, a concert experience hosted on Spinnin’ TV.

Spinnin’ Records will be broadcasting exclusive live performances from the likes of  Dubdogz, Kryder, Vintage Culture and many more. In addition to the new live sets, the channel has already gone live with an exclusive set by Sam Feldt- check it out here.

Spinnin’ well-known artist Vintage Culture has explained he is excited to be able to entertain those who are practicing social distancing due to the virus. “A world which was once divided now unites in the face of a challenge that threatens our very way of life. Let’s come together, old and young, brave and those in fear, as humanity is put on trial against an enemy which we can not see, hear or predict. Let’s fight together like brother and sisters, united we stand, united we live forever.” – Vintage Culture

Spinnin Home Sessions will launch this Friday, March 20 from 7:00 pm till 10.00 pm UTC-time on Spinnin’ TV. For more information, check out the announcement here .

About Spinnin’ Records
With dance music evolving from a niche phenomenon to the world’s most dominant music genre, Spinnin’ Records has followed a similar trail. Hosting several sublabels (including Tiësto’s Musical Freedom and Oliver Heldens’ Heldeep Records) and releasing multiple singles every week, Spinnin’ Records has helped kickstart and extend the careers of many DJs, among them world famous artists. New artists are presented on a regular basis, while the label’s online dominance is striking, reaching millions through its YouTube channel (over 25 million subscribers, winning the International Dance Music Award for Best YouTube Channel early 2019) and other popular social media

Beside this, Spinnin’ Records is serving a mass audience on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, where it attends to millions of listeners through several playlists and releases, while its weekly radio show Spinnin’ Sessions is broadcasted all over the world on various partner radio stations, reaching over 30 million listeners every week.

Add to this innovative projects like Spinnin’s Talent Pool, Spinnin’ NEXT, Spinnin’ Premium, the label’s Global Partnerships department, and of course the takeover by Warner Music in 2017, that’s brought the dance label a wide range of new opportunities, and it’s clear the innovation never stops.

One day you'll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember.


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