Topsmasher bbno$ Teams With Musical Powerhouse Diplo For Perfect Summer Dance Anthem

Chart-topping, genre-bending artist bbno$ teams up with multiple GRAMMY-winning superstar artist and producer Diplo for the irresistible club track pogo. With more than 13 billion collective streams between them, the dynamic team of rising Canadian rapper bbno$ and music icon Diplo are back at it again, having successfully collaborated last year on Diplo’s huge house remix of bbno$’s smash edamame. The +300M streaming, edamame was the second hit single lifted from bbno$’s brilliant sixth studio album ‘eat ya veggies‘, which has now amassed over 1 billion cumulative streams globally.

The duo’s newest collaborative masterpiece pogo, showcases bbno$ and Diplo at their best, giving fans an energetic and infectious summer banger, ideal for blasting through your headphones, car stereo, or poolside speakers. The accompanying music video shot on location in Palm Spring, California delivers a satirical and hilarious joy ride of imagery featuring Diplo and bbno$ as surprisingly multi-versatile pogo stick salesmen.  

“bbno$ and Diplo you already know what the f*ck is going on. we made a club anthem about pogo sticks lmao. the video is maybe my favorite I’ve ever done. hope I see kids bouncing to it all summer”


Listen to this summer starter on your favorite platform here.


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