Vanic Releases Incredible Debut LP “Here & Now”: Listen

Vanic exhibits his class and production skills in his incredible debut thirteen track album “Here & Now”

After bursting into the mainstream on SoundCloud more than a decade ago, Vanic has showcased his years of knowledge and expertise in the incredible debut album “Here & Now”. Starting off with an intro track, the album has some of the best sound design work of the Vancouver-based producer.

“Here & Now” offers some exciting new music from the talented artist along with some previously released singles such as ‘Run’, ‘Earn It’, ‘PTLD’, and ‘I’m Yours’ to form the thirteen track project. Vanic has also been on the “Here & Now” tour since the last week of August and will complete his tour on November 26.

“Here & Now is about experiencing reality. It’s about our own realities being made up of what we perceive…If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? No—because there is no one there to perceive the sound, there is no sound at all. There is only the frequency which would have turned into sound if someone had been there to hear it..”

Vanic on debut album

Check out “Here & Now” by Vanic, out now via Seeking Blue Records below.

Image Credit: Vanic (via Facebook)

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