VASSY Releases New Single Called ‘Oxygen’

The track came about while Outgang and VASSY were catching up over the phone, she played him the song, and Outgang instantly clicked with it.

VASSY returns with her latest single “Oxygen” co-produced by Outgang of the Showtek brothers and DJ/producer duo TwoWorldsApart. Her latest is a literal breath of fresh air for VASSY who has spent the majority of the year healing from a foot injury that left her unable to walk.

OXYGEN is an emotive uplifting song, I fell into a pretty nasty depression this year being stuck at home with a bad foot injury not able to walk for 6 months during this isolating pandemic…From it I created Oxygen, I just felt like I was drowning, I needed to come up for air. As much as lyrically it’s a love song, metaphorically it’s much deeper, a longing lust to feel alive, I think how all of us feel right now.”

I teamed up with my bro Outgang, after all our history together creating BAD with Guetta, we decided to work some new things once he heard Oxygen he fell in love with it. I then  had my homies TwoWorldsApart (Duo from Germany) between the three of us the collaboration gave the right combination of new meets old interlaced by my heartfelt vocals with a dope progressive production and a driving bass line that pulses through the entire song evoking soul and movement!

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