VESSBROZ’s Hybrid Song Between Future Rave & Big Room, ‘Worshipper’ is out

After impressing with a strong string of releases on Smash The House and Revealed Recordings this year, Vessbroz are back with their biggest track of 2021. A hybrid between Future Rave & Big Room, “Worshipper” is the perfect track as clubs and festivals open up!

A bond created by music is hard to break, join this up with brotherly love and it’s a force that’s totally unstoppable. This is certainly the case with Armia and Arsham, better known as the Vessbroz, an electronic DJ/Producer duo whose back catalogue and fan base speaks for itself.

The journey these brothers have been through has to be branded as amazing. They worked themselves up to becoming an American Billboard Top 40 artist with their debut album releasing under Sony Music, and they have conquered Asia.

The brothers have since taken the dance scene by storm, releasing with Revealed Recordings, Smash the House, Sirup Music.

Download and Stream: 

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