W&W Release New Happy Hardcore Single “Skydance” with AXMO & Giin: Listen

W&W team up with AXMO & Giin to deliver another happy hardcore single “Skydance” out now on their own label, Rave Culture.

W&W continue their run of happy hardcore songs with the new release “Skydance”. Together with AXMO and featuring Giin, the latest single lies in the same hardstyle realm as their last few releases including another collaboration with German-natives AXMO, ‘Rave Love’. The Dutch duo of Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst, have delivered an energetic hit that defines the new more futuristic sound they’re evolving, in the form of their latest single “Skydance”, out now on their own label Rave Culture.

W&W have consistently reached the mark and even crossed it when it comes to developing the sound of big room. The powerhouse duo is hailed as one of the pioneers with their style influencing other producers and sound of the genre. Aptly named “Skydance”, the song paints the moment of a massive crowd going nuts at a music festival, dancing together as they pump their fists to the sky.

The single opens with futuristic vocals from Giin before going into a syncopated pop-style beat. This is followed by epic synths building up the tension and preparing the listener for a monumental drop. Coming in at 150 beats per minute, the song is more fast-paced incorporating the style of happy hardcore into big room. Their new style of combining otherworldly vocals and upbeat hardstyle tunes with their trademark festival-ready sound is showcased to a glorious extent in the new single. What stands out the most is the addictive melody that is complemented by the thundering bassline under it making this one to have on repeat.

You can check out the new single “Skydance” by W&W & AXMO featuring Giin, out now on Rave Culture below.

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