Afrojack and Chico Rose Are the First Artists to Release on Tomorrowland’s Brand-New Label Tomorrowland Music

The release of ‘You Got The Love’ also kicks off Afrojack’s new project Never Sleeps

The very first release on Tomorrowland’s brand-new imprint Tomorrowland Music is a fact! The beloved Belgian music festival announced the news of its own label launch just yesterday and the honor of releasing the first track goes to world-renowned DJ & producer Afrojack. The Dutch powerhouse and Tomorrowland veteran has joined forces with rising star Chico Rose to release their uplifting banger ‘You Got The Love’. The feel-good track also marks the kick-off of Afrojack’s new brainchild Never Sleeps and with this new concept Afrojack aims to bring like-minded and passionate people together through hosting parties and releasing music with zest.

‘You Got The Love’ is the first of many Never Sleeps releases scheduled on Tomorrowland Music and is out now via all portals.

Afrojack: “Never Sleeps is a project which is basically just there to emphasize dance music built for the festivals and clubs. Within the music industry, there’s a lot of pressure on artists to keep their brands relevant or to try new things and challenges. With Never Sleeps, it’s just about the music and the people – making music for people on the dancefloor and celebrating life. It’s not just me, it’s me and other artists – whoever feels like they would love to do something together. No pressure, no genre. It’s just all about the music. Our first release ‘You Got The Love’ feels like a full-on dance music festival anthem and that’s why we started to collaborate with Tomorrowland and its brand-new label Tomorrowland Music. Very exciting!”

Chico Rose: “You call it madness; we call it love. We started this project during the summer 2 years ago. We’ve worked for 6 months straight together in the studio and we are really happy to finally release it.”

Never Sleeps – a new initiative of Afrojack with which he wants to create a platform for artists that gives them the freedom to create music and parties out of love and passion for music. Never Sleeps will be a collective that will bring you new dance music that is made for the dancefloor. This mindset is also the starting point for the Never Sleeps label, which is part of the platform, starting with this first collab of Afrojack and Chico Rose ‘You Got The Love’. And more and more surprising collabs are coming your way, guaranteed. Next to the label, Never Sleeps will be hosting parties and festival stages. Based on the city that never sleeps – NYC – Never Sleeps will create parties that last all night. Never Sleeps aims to create a rave within a club; people need to feel like they’re at a party that never stops and where there is no limit in expressing themselves. With Never Sleeps, everything is possible, there are no rules, the only goal is to have fun and bring different music genres together.

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