Afrojack’s ‘Press Play’ EP is finally out now

You always know that Afrojack is one of the best music producers out there, he basically can produce songs in a lot of genres. Now the Grammy-Award-winning producer just released his EP that contains 14 songs.

Tell us which song do you like the most?

“Bringin It Back”

“This is one of my favorites on the whole EP” – Afrojack


“Let It Rip” Feat. Brohug & Titus

Day n Night record was the spark that made me say “Yo, we need to find someone to rap on this,”


“Step Back” with MC Ambush

Sick track with Ambush’s vocals


“Own Game” with Chasner

“I just signed Chasner to my record label recently and he sent me a lot of demos, The drop was a little off at first, but the vocals were cool. Later, we got Fais involved – he is the one singing” – Afrojack


“Another Level”

It started in the studio when I was with Martin Garrix doing “Turn Up The Speakers 2.0,” then we basically did the touches for a very long time because we were both working on new music while touring. He got very busy and I called him up to finish the rest on my own and he said, “Yeah, sure go for it.” So, I finished the record and that’s how it became Another Level. Martin Garrix co-produced it. – Afrojack


“When You’re Gone” Feat. Jewelz & Sparkz & Ester Dean


“One More Day” With Jewelz & Sparks (Nicky Romero Remix) 



Its 130 bpm and is very “old-school inspired.” – Afrojack

“2012” with Chico Rose

This is DJ Ravitez’s first record using his real name. 




“My City” with Disto


“Put It Down” with Disto


“Flawless Victory” with Ricky Breaker


“Pop That” Feat. Oliver Twizt & Angger Dimas & MC Ambush


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