Martin Garrix just announced that he will release his own book ‘LIFE = CRAZY’

Once you have so much fame and want to offer lots of personal and intimate details about your life the best way to make that is through a book, even it may sound old school but a book is something solid and you can feel it or give it as a gift to a loved one.

The book will contain lots of pictures taken mostly in the last year during Martin Garrix shows and trips all around the world.

‘’This book is a great way to look back on this amazing journey and really show people how chaotic and crazy our life is.’’ – Louis van Baar

Louis is his personal photographer who follows him all the time.

LIFE = CRAZY will have over 300 pages that will give you the chance to live the story of each photo.

‘’I share so many amazing memories with Louis – it’s very special that we have the opportunity to immortalize some of them in this book. Together with the MENDO team, we put something together that exceeded all my expectations. I am very thankful that I can live my dream and get to experience so many incredible moments in this amazing journey. ’’ – Martin Garrix

The book will officially come out on 17 October but you can still pre-order it here

Some pictures from the book


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