Armin van Buuren Announces Ninth Studio Album Coming Out January 2024

Wrapping up a particularly productive year that had the launch of his ‘Feel Again’ album as one of its unmistakable highlights, Armin van Buuren just announced the forthcoming release of his ninth studio album:’Breathe In’.

Written over the two-plus years following the end of the pandemic and inspired by being back on dance floors, ‘Breathe In’ is the next step in the narrative that started with ‘Feel Again’. Whereas ‘Feel Again’ explored Armin van Buuren’s journey of re-establishing a connection with himself and the music he loves, ‘Breathe In’ shifts focus to his connection with his fans.

Adopting a more positive sound and a higher bpm, ‘Breathe In’ will reflect and underline music’s ability to unite while urging listeners to celebrate life, see the light in others, and (re)connect on dance floors. The album will be released on Armada Music on January 12, 2024.


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