Armin van Buuren’s ‘Feel Again’ Album Reflects His Journey to Find Harmony Within Himself

After months of anticipation, Armin van Buuren’s highly awaited album Feel Again is finally out and has been received with immense enthusiasm from fans and music enthusiasts alike.

The 34-track album takes listeners on an emotional journey, reflecting the artist’s personal experiences during the pandemic. Armin van Buuren admits to feeling disconnected from loved ones and his fans during the pandemic, leading him to feel uninspired and out of place. However, he found a new balance and a reinvigorated love for music through meditation, reforming his life routines, and negating the numbness.

‘Feel Again’ is not just another album, but a reflection of the artist’s journey of self-discovery and finding harmony within himself. The album consists of interlocking singles such as ‘Come Around Again’, ‘One More Time’, ‘Easy To Love’, and ‘No Fun’, each representing different stages of feeling and inspiration.

“I’m stoked and proud to finally share the full album,” said Armin van Buuren. “To me, ‘Feel Again’ signifies a new beginning, as being lost without actively realizing it can whittle away at who you are. I’m happy to have found a new balance and a reinvigorated love for music, and I hope the album will remind and encourage listeners to stay connected and true to themselves.”

The album is a reminder to listeners to stay true to themselves and embrace their journey, as they strive for inner peace and harmony. With ‘Feel Again’, Armin van Buuren has created an equilibrium that can only come from a balanced man.

Listen to the full album on your favorite platform here.


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