Reviving the Old School Rave Scene with Special D. and Dr Phunk

Bridging the harder sounds of the Germany and the Netherlands, Special D. and Dr Phunk are uniting together with a titanic force, flipping up a Eurodance classic to bring it straight into 2023 with a bang on ‘Home Alone (reloaded)!

Special D.’s old-school version of ‘Home Alone’ was released almost two decades ago and is still adored by fans and during sets across the world, so to revitalize the anthem with Dr phunk in tow only makes for an explosive and fun-loving re-up from the tag team. With a high, punchy piano chord sequence that is as in-your-face as it is smile-inducing, the rapid vocal “Today is the day school is out one day… The party’s over here so!” showcases the ready to rave and light-hearted ethos at the heart of the track.

Euphoric hardstyle kicks are brazen and bold in packing a punch, beforeMC shouts of “Get your get your hands up!” get things rocking for the ensuing instrumental. Reminiscent of classic happy hardcore, rave and hardcore all rolled into one, it’s a release that is sure to get things skyrocketing!

Special D. is known as one of the biggest Eurodance acts of the past two decades thanks to seminal classics including ‘Nothing I Won’t Do’ and ‘Come With Me’, as Dr Punk is a hardstyle master and multi-platinum high-flyer in the genre – the two coming together here in a seamless fashion of both styles and showcasing exactly how collaboration can straddle genres for spellbinding results.

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