Armin van Buuren’s ‘Shivers’ Album Turns 15 Years Old Today

Shivers Album turns 15 years since its release back on 2005

The legendary Dutch DJ and Producer Armin van Buuren released its second studio album called ‘Shivers’ back on 8 August 2005 on Armada Music. The album has a total of 10 songs, most of them are in collaboration with other producers like Markus Schulz, DJ Remy, Roland Klinkenberg, and others. And also with features like Nadia Ali and Susana for the track after the album was called ‘Shivers’.

The title track of the album ‘Shivers’ appeared one year later, in 2006 on the home version of the music game Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova.

Today sees the 15 year anniversary of my album ‘Shivers’. Still incredibly proud of this one. – Armin van Buuren

What’s your favorite track of the album? Comment below.

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