ASOT 1000 Celebration Postponed And The Dutch Ravers Making Their Voices Heard

Nothing is sadder than seeing Armin van Buuren coming on camera with a heartbreaking announcement. Unfortunately, due to the Dutch government’s decision to extend the restrictions on events until mid-September, the ASOT 1000 celebration got postponed to the 18th and 19th of February 2022.

Together with this unfortunate announcement, event organizers and ravers around the Netherlands are furious that the government takes rushed decisions without listening to the industry. That is why they will unite for a peaceful protest on the 21st of August. Unmute Us is the response to the political moves that the Dutch politicians took. Over 300 organizations signed for this, including large events like AMF, Don’t Let Daddy Know or Defqon.

Allan Hardenberg, CEO of ALDA Events wrote on his social media that “After months of being misled by the government’s empty promises, there is still no perspective for festivals. We’ve done the research and analyzed the results. It is clear to us that it’s not Corona that has delivered us a Summer without festivals and an uncertain future; it is the politicians in Den Haag. We, the festival sector, call on all festival lovers, all lovers of music and dancing, to ready yourselves. We need to make ourselves heard. We need to speak out against the random political decisions of our cabinet. Join our peaceful protest ‘Unmute Us,’ to demand a re-opening of the festivals from early September. Support us and share this message.”

You can read more about the protest here.


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