AVA ALIKA’s Captivating ‘Addicted’ Song Is Out Now

Ava Alika is a German-American female DJ making waves with an eclectic style that blends dark indie dance and progressive sounds. Her sound is characterized by captivating melodies and funky beats that resonate worldwide. As an up-and-coming artist, Ava continues to expand her repertoire, drawing inspiration from her experiences, as well as renowned DJs and musicians from diverse genres. She tells stories to her listeners and takes them through musical journeys.

Determined to make her mark, Ava Alika’s next projects are a testament to her ambition and talent. She has currently released two singles “Where Shadows Dance” and “Addicted” showcasing her innovative approach to electronic music. She played over 126 shows in her first year of performing and continues to expand throughout her years of experience. Within 2 weeks of her Spotify releases, she has gained 8,000 monthly listeners. Simultaneously, her YouTube channel is a growing platform, with 70,000 total streams and 8,000 subscribers, where she regularly releases mixes, allowing listeners to experience her evolving style. Her mixes are a blend of her influences and her unique touch, creating a sound that’s distinctly her own.

With a vision to play at top venues around the world, Ava Alika is on a trajectory that speaks of passion and dedication. Her commitment to growth is evident in her relentless pursuit of musical excellence, whether it’s in the studio with her father and brother, or on the stage. As she continues to grow her audience and explore new musical horizons, Ava Alika is undoubtedly an artist to watch, poised to become a significant voice in the community. 

Her latest track “Addicted” came from her own journey into her musical career. Once she discovered her path and belonging to it (on a biological level due to her musical family origins) she became addicted to it. She loses track of time and craves music, much like a strong drug. She blends her dark indie dance sounds with melodies to create an experience for the listener.

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