Bingo Players x Firebeatz Make Collab Debut with Acclaimed Crowdpleaser ‘Droppin’ Hot’ (feat. Sonny Wilson)

Following early support from the likes of Tiësto, Afrojack, Timmy Trumpet and Lucas & Steve, widely praised dance acts Bingo Players and Firebeatz now deliver the long awaited festival weapon “Droppin’ Hot.” It’s the very first time these renowned Dutch artists join forces, although they’ve been friends ever since the rise of the internationally acclaimed ‘Dutch House’ sound. Together, they’ve built on this shared history, creating a certified blast from the past, employing vintage electro beats, latin styled rhythms, rousing vocals by Sonny Wilson and a melodic hook sure to get any crowd in a frenzy. Such an action packed tune, now finally droppin’ hot at Hysteria. 

There’s no way around Bingo Players. Responsible for a legendary series of hit tunes, from 2012’s claim to fame “Get Up (Rattle)” to 2016’s “Cry (Just A Little),” 2020’s “Devotion” and last year’s disco infused Peyruis collab “Static Body” (feat.Marlene), the Dutch act has left a resounding mark on contemporary electronic music.

Smoothly shifting his sound between radiant (deep) house, progressive and melodic, upbeat grooves, Bingo Players has managed to stay ahead of the curve in an ever changing musical landscape, meanwhile releasing several festival gems on his own Hysteria Records.

Now, he makes a slight return to those early days, when Dutch House was coming up, fueled by electro and latin vibes, made famous by DJ’s playing at Holland’s notorious Sneakerz parties. It was here that Bingo Players got in touch with another up-and-coming dance act, known as Firebeatz.

This duo dropped its first tunes in the early 10’s, wowing audiences with a string of timeless festival anthems, including that world famous Martin Garrix collab “Helicopter” in 2014, exploring everything from big room and electro house to pop and disco styled tunes, always looking for new ways to surprise and rock their global audience. 

Recently, the duo successfully revamped its famed big room and electro house sound, delivering some straightforward festival tunes in the shape of 2022 hit “Lose My Sh!t” and last year’s “California, ”The Party” and “Superfreak.” Consequently, 2024 saw them release some lively club tunes like “Jump Up” and a massive remix of Dutch house classic “Mary Go Wild,” now gearing up for their debut on Hysteria Records.

Bingo Players and Firebeatz clearly dive deeper into their shared history, teaming up for the very first time in their careers to unleash the instant crowdpleaser “Droppin’ Hot.” It’s a tune that revolves around sturdy electro house vibes, reviving that classic Sneakerz sound from back in the day, adding a solid twist of modern day tech house and mesmerizing sound effects.

Once the guys get things going, they swiftly move towards those vintage electro sounds, unleashing a jittery, pitched up hook, twisting and turning its way towards the drop. Meanwhile, the track gains energy by the powerful vocals of burgeoning Dutch artist Sonny Wilson, who lights up the stage as a perfect counterweight for those upwinding tech house beats.

It’s a raw, provocative groove getting dropped here, making sure the blood keeps pumping with fierce breakbeats and catchy Latin vibes. But the drop surely is the peaktime moment, pitching that stunning loop up and down through a series of filtered sound effects and rudimentary electro beats – a ride of a lifetime shared by two of dance music’s most seasoned acts.

Leave it to Bingo Players and Firebeatz to bring back the heyday of Dutch House in the most fired up contemporary production. “Droppin’ Hot” emphasizes the guys going electro house 2.0, ready-made to heat up this season’s mainstages all over again.

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