Jack Sleiman Brings New Arabic EDM for Sky2.0 Final Weekend

His newest Arabic Remix of "Nasini El Donya" is set to amplify Dubai's nightlife at Sky2.0 Final Weekend on June 28 & 29.

Dubai’s nightlife scene gets a remix as DJ, producer, and radio host Jack Sleiman takes the stage at Sky2.0. Jack will perform at Sky2.0’s Final Weekend, bringing Arabic EDM to Dubai. On June 28 and 29, fans can expect pulsating performances blending iconic Arabic music with contemporary EDM.

Arabic EDM Lands at Sky2.0: Boombox Fridays by Jack Sleiman

Jack Sleiman in Dubai

The weekend kicks off with BOOMBOX Fridays, hosted by Jack Sleiman on June 28. Known for his dynamic sets and his take on Arabic EDM, he’s gearing up for a night of non-stop dancing. The excitement continues on June 29 for One Last Night with Jack Sleiman and DJ Kaboo, concluding the weekend.

Jack Sleiman Collaborations and Latest Arabic Remixes

Earlier this year, Jack headlined the main stage at UNTOLD Dubai and has performed alongside industry giants such as Drake, Ke$ha, The Weeknd, a Tomorrowland favourite Tiësto, the late Avicii, and 50 Cent. This summer, he’s making waves with his latest Arabic remixes, captivating audiences worldwide.

One standout remix is Jack’s take on Abu’s “3 Daqat,” which infuses the lively energy of the original with a modern twist. “I was genuinely astounded by the overwhelming joy for ‘3 Daqat’ when I played it in clubs worldwide,” said Jack Sleiman. “The song struck a chord with listeners in different corners of the globe, motivating me to create this rendition. Re-imagining the track for a cross-cultural music scene was exhilarating.”

Jack Sleiman Remix of “Nasini El Donya”, a hot drop for Arabic EDM

Following the success of “3 Daqat,” Jack recently released his remix of Ragheb Alama’s “Nasini El Donya.” This iconic song is a timeless classic by Ragheb Alama, cherished by the Arab community.

Originally released in 2009, it captures the essence of love and nostalgia with poignant lyrics and Alama’s soulful voice. Its memorable melody and heartfelt message resonate deeply, making it a staple at weddings, gatherings, and celebrations.

Recently, the song found new life in the EDM scene, as DJs like Jack Sleiman remix it. It brings its charm to younger audiences and dance floors, solidifying its status in the Arab world. The song’s ability to tap emotions and connect listeners across generations in the Arab world, showcases Alama’s enduring impact.

Looking ahead 2024, Jack plans to launch several new tracks further cementing the impact of Arabic music in global EDM. He plans to release two more new tracks this summer, capturing the vibrant and energetic vibes of the season.

Beyond releases, Jack aims to collaborate with more international artists, blending different musical styles and cultures to innovate Arabic music.

The Final Weekend at Sky2.0 Dubai

sky2.0 dubai nightlife edm

Sky2.0, a colossal open-air superclub in the heart of d3 Dubai Design District, combines effortless cool with high-energy vibes. It draws a hip, fun-loving crowd ready to groove to an eclectic mix of hip-hop, R&B, and house beats. Expect dazzling dance performances, pyrotechnics, ultra-modern light and sound systems, and a lineup of international and local artists.

Head over to Sky2.0 on June 28 and 29 for The Final Weekend with Jack Sleiman. This is your chance to listen to the new mixes live as he takes on the decks.

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