Liquidfive Talks ‘Don’t Look Back 2.0’ and Future Projects

Recently, we sat down with German producer extraordinaire liquidfive to discuss his recent run of releases on Soave Dusk, Warner Music and elsewhere. The ‘Lights’ producer walks us thru his newest track ‘Don’t Look Back 2.0’, as well as talks collaboration and future plans, exclusively with EDM Nomad.

Your recent release ‘Don’t Look Back 2.0’ was a follow up from an earlier track, can you tell me how this collaboration came back about?

Yes, that’s right. I originally released the track in 2023 with my producer friend and artist Alltag, and it became a great success. A few weeks ago, I received an email from the French artists LonelyBrothers and Kush Rust, who had an idea for a new version of “Don’t Look Back.” I reviewed their idea, produced a new version together with Alltag, and released it as “Don’t Look Back 2.0.” The result is a very progressive and fresh new take on the original.

What is it about Alltag that makes him such a frequent collaborator of yours?

Alltag is my partner and co-producer, which naturally led to his involvement in many of my songs. However, this was the last time we’ll collaborate under the name Alltag, as he is now rebranding and launching a new sound as the artist GOLDN ATTTD. Going forward, he will only release music under his new alias.

The sound of the second rendition is a lot deeper and more progressive, how did this change of sound come about for this version?

As I mentioned earlier, the new concept came from the LonelyBrothers and Kush Rust. I then developed their idea, which led to the final result. I aimed to make the track even more club-oriented, resulting in a deeper and more progressive sound for this version.

How was it to collaborate with Lonely Brothers and Kush Rust?

The collaboration was very relaxed. The guys from France really know their craft, and it certainly won’t be our last song together. If an interesting joint idea develops, there can always be another song coming from us.

On the topic of collaboration, if you could team up with one other producer and a vocalist on a future record, who would it be and why?

If I could team up with one other producer and a vocalist on a future record, it would definitely be The Chainsmokers and Sia. The Chainsmokers are incredible musicians, and I love their fresh, modern sound. Sia is a unique singer who captivated me with her song “Titanium” with David Guetta. This coop would be a dream.

What do you like to do with your spare time when you’re not in the studio?

In my spare time, I enjoy staying active by going to the gym and cycling, which I’m passionate about. I also love meeting up with friends, cooking, and listening to a lot of music to find new inspirations. This includes classical music as well.

Aside from your hometown, which is your favourite place to play in Germany and why?

Aside from my hometown, my favorite place to play in Germany is definitely Berlin. The city stands out for its diversity and has so much to offer musically. It’s a place where new music trends constantly emerge, making it an exciting and inspiring location to perform.

You have worked with B Martin in the past who is a hip hop vocalist, are you into any other genres outside of dance music and if so, which and why?

What do you in the bank for the rest of the year? Can you let your fans know of any exciting upcoming projects?

There are many exciting things coming up. On June 28th, I’ll be releasing a special song on Warner Music with the incredible singer Victoria from Bulgaria. Following that, there will be major collaborations on various big labels. I’m thrilled that my years of hard work and belief in myself are finally paying off in a big way. It’s all happening very quickly. 

Thank you for the interview and your support; I promise to repay it with great music.

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