Blasterjaxx Team Up With NIVIRO To Release Brand New Banging Anthem ‘Gabber Style’

Honoring one of dance music’s loudest and most comradely genres, globally acclaimed duo Blasterjaxx teams up with Belgian DJ/producer NIVIRO for the massive new single Gabber Style. It’s an incredible mix of sounds, letting the guys go all out with various kicks, uptempo, and punchy while raving synth stabs and inciting vocals create further mayhem. Aptly titled, “Gabber Style” pays a touching tribute to the heyday of hardcore music, while dropping a strong, contemporary rave production to keep things fresh – making it a magnificent peak time tune for this season’s festival stages, out now on Maxximize.

Blasterjaxx has a name to uphold when it comes to strong, energetic tracks, featuring epic melodies, huge drops, and touching vocals. They’ve built a world of their own, blending genres like Big Room, vocal house, and progressive, including loads of highly praised anthems as well as inventing deeper, mystic-themed storylines and entertaining their audience with creative and funny posts on Instagram and TikTok. 

Following years of highly acclaimed milestones, last year saw the Dutch duo deliver a fresh series of hit records, from the sun-drenched “Summer Jams” (with Henri PFR and Jay Mason) to the raving hard “Wasabi” (with Da Tweekaz and Maikki), their global festival hit “Hurricane”, a collab with Prezioso and LIZOT, and their recent team up with Armin van Buuren on the widely popular 2023 tune “La Bomba”.

Now, they continue the ride as they team up with NIVIRO, Belgium’s fastest-growing star in electronic music. Similar to Blasterjaxx, he’s known for mixing various genres, adding dramatic sounds and vocal lines to raw hard dance elements. This already led to many hit records, from 2017’s “The Ghost” and “The Guardian Of Angels” to last year’s raving cover “Holding Out For A Hero” and his early 2023 club hit “Darkest Night”.

Both acts share a special love for old-school rave music, in particular the gabber sound that started it all in The Netherlands, back in the 90s. Named after the Dutch word for ‘friend’ or ‘buddy’, the genre resembled a love for uptempo sounds, expressed by an ever-increasing tight-knit community. Gabber turned into a worldwide phrase, splitting into a wide range of harder genres, but always remained popular among a dedicated audience, crossing many borders and generations.

Now, Blasterjaxx and NIVIRO pay tribute to the energy and comradery of gabber, unleashing their single “Gabber Style” on waves of old-school beats and contemporary vocals. Bursting out with an infectious melody from the start, the vocals lead to a series of blazing synth chords, enhanced by uptempo, punchy kickdrums, and a catchy humming melody. 

As they guys describe it, this song is “an ode to friendship and making memories with them.” When the beat drops, the crowd will feel the energy in unison, reminiscing those good old days, whipped up by the lyrics ‘move your head from left to right’.

In the meantime, Blasterjaxx and NIVIRO provide the tune with a tight 2023 production, adding contemporary rave sounds and gripping chords, making this blast from the past the freshest tune you’ll hear this summer. Lose yourself when this anthem hits the floor, and realize: “Gabber Style” is here to stay. 

Listen to the release on your favorite platform here.


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