Create a Great Festival Set

Tips and Tricks from top-notch DJs

Here is a small guide on how to create a great festival set, with some tips and tricks from top-notch DJs.

Getting Your Music

“When you hear a great song, the first thing that you do is go and share it with somebody else”…”And that excitement is the basis of DJing” – Armin van Buuren

Staying up to date with the latest releases is very important. That’s why “going shopping” regularly and keeping your playlist up to date with new tracks is something that needs to be done when approaching your DJ set. Today, the most popular place to get new music for DJs is Beatport. Buying and not converting or streaming the tracks is a common rule for all big DJs. First of all by buying the tracks you directly support the producers. On the other hand, the sound quality of a converted track is not the best, which can damage your set, especially if you want to be professional.

The link function is a great feature when performing at home, but not for live gigs. Streaming music is based on a strong internet connection which can easily go wrong. You are performing in a crowded environment where everything is shaking and the internet cable detach.

Editing and Mashups

“Every track that I play is unique” – David Guetta

When playing at a large festival, usually there is no time to play full tracks. That is why editing and combining tracks is something that many DJs are doing. Making the breaks shorter, mix-dropping, or simply creating unique mashups is a great way to play many tracks in a short time. Not only that but by editing your set, you will surprise your crowd and keep that energy up!

Unwritten Rules

DJing is a freestyle job. You can play any tracks, but still, there are some unwritten rule that every professional DJ should respect:

  • Play mostly your tracks – If you are a producer, playing your own tracks as many times as you want is your choice.
  • One known, two unknown – People that come to party want to hear their favorite song. BUT, playing new, not so known, tracks can bring some great energy into your set.
  • Never end your set with a track from the DJ after you – As I said, these are unwritten rules. But all big DJs respect each other, and this means that they will never end their set with a song from the following DJ.

Golden Rule

HAVE FUN – People can see if you are having a good time playing that music. Your energy will reflect in their energy. So, if you have a good time playing your favorite music, you will have a successful set.

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