Curbi – Feel (feat. Helen)

'Feel' the new sound of Curbi

Curbi - Feel (feat. Helen)

Following the incredible success of last year’s single ‘Spiritual (Mriya)’, which marked a fresh new start for Curbi, the famed DJ/producer now continues his musical evolution. Releasing the much anticipated single ‘Feel’, the record is a warm hybrid of inventive dance patterns and warm pop vocals, courtesy of Helen. This is a tune that will go places, out now on Curbi’s home label Spinnin’ Records.

Known as one of UK’s dance music prodigies, Curbi has been leaving impressions since bursting onto the scene in 2015 at the tender age of 16. He provided audiences with some instant dance classics like ‘Discharge’ and ‘Rubber’, as well as popular collabs with Fox Stevenson (‘Hoohah’), Mesto (‘BRUH’), Quintino (‘Get Down’) and Lucas & Steve and Mike Williams (‘Let’s Go’), all reaching high in the club charts and DJ support, gaining millions of streams.

Last year’s hit tune ‘Spiritual (Mriya)’ saw him undertake a more melodic approach, blending his inventive productions with sultry vocals (delivered by Brooke Tomlinson). It represented a whole new chapter in the evolution of Curbi’s music, receiving wide acclaim with immense DJ support and plays on Dutch national radio (3FM, and turning into SLAM! Radio’s Mixmarathon Track of the Week, as well as reaching the popular SLAM! 40 list). More recently, the track was used in the 2020 teaser video for EDC Las Vegas – underlining the impact this record has made till this day.

And now, he dives deeper into this new soil with the inviting record ‘Feel’.

At first, ‘Feel’ brings Curbi’s characteristic, jumpy beats and rhythms, but this time enhanced with cool piano stabs, freaky sound effects and, above all, strong vocal efforts by acclaimed singer Helen. With these ingredients, the record takes an exciting step into pop territory, catchy and unique, underlining once again how Curbi is pushing himself forward.

“While finalizing the track I was already excited to add a vocal that could bring more meaning to it. So when we matched the vocal ‘Feel’ to the instrumental it created a synergy which immediately felt very natural. I am more than happy with the follow up of ‘Spiritual’, this track makes me explore my softer, radio friendly side of music.” – Curbi

“The song is a metaphor of all our vices. We all have a dark side and sometimes it simply makes sense to just party with it!” – Helen

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