Dance2Earn at UNTOLD Festival with Step App. The Fans Who will be Active During the Festival will Earn Benefits into the Crypto-World

UNTOLD, one of the largest festivals in the world, and Step App, the first mainstream company to adopt its own FitFi platform, are joining forces to create a one-of-a-kind experience for music lovers, dancers, and active persons at the festival this summer.

Fitness comes in a variety of forms, and people explore fitness in ways that suit their lifestyle such as walking, running, dancing, or exercising. The partnership between UNTOLD and Step App will create a dance2earn app for the masses, delighting over 300,000 festival goers. This way, the fans who will be active at the 7th edition of UNTOLD Festival will earn benefits into the crypto-world of Step App such as $FITFI.

This is an exciting start for Step App, and the collaboration is intended to integrate all types of fitness into the FitFi economy. More details about this partnership will be released soon.

Step App is a protocol for the foundation of the FitFi economy. The subnet operates as a blockchain and tech stack for developers, projects, and corporations to easily deploy their own FitFi app.

The first app on it is made by the core team themself. This is a gamified metaverse for the fitness economy where you walk, jog, and run to socialize, play, and earn.

UNTOLD 2022 will take place between August 4-7. More details about the 7th edition of the World Capital Night and Magic are available here.

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