Daniel Dejman discusses the 2020 techno music scene, his future plans, and has advice for uprising talents! 🎚🎛

We had a great chance to talk to the Chicago based DJ/Producer Daniel Dejman. The Chicago based Dj/Producer has gradually emerged this past year as a solo artist. Having spent years of migrating through the influential electronic scene, Daniel has settled in his musical realm. His latest EP release, “PRVI”, has cultivated his brand as an artist, climbing to #4 in the top 100 Hard Techno releases, and has gained support from world-renowned artists. 2018 has definitely been a learning curve for Daniel, paving the way with new experiences, grasped knowledge, and the desire to grow as an artist. Check out our interview below and please find his latest EP:

Hello Daniel, Thank you for your time for an interview with us. So, How are you doing
nowadays, with everything happening nowadays on the scene and in the world as a whole?

Thank you for having me! I’ve been quarantined, working in the studio,
researching, planning, and hoping that this pandemic ends soon, and that we get back to our
normal daily routines!

Can you kindly tell us a little bit about yourself? Any certain music influences and why did you
choose music as a career?

I’m a DJ/producer, who was born in Nis, Serbia, and raised in Chicago. My early
influences range from 90’s hip hop, house, disco, and techno. Artists who have inspired me at
an early age: Angel Alanis, Dj Misjah, Joey Beltram, Renato Cohen. I’ve always loved music, but
found my true passion in DJing when I visited my first nightclub at the age of 14!

Why Techno? Do you listen to any other genre’s in the electronic music field?

I fell in love with Techno at an early age. The faced paced driving sound is what drew
me to the genre. The industrial sounds that just uplifted you without any warning. I
listen to all types of electronic music, and I tend to get inspiration and ideas from all
different types of artists.

How would you describe the Daniel Dejman sound in general?

Hard, fast and with no limits, and no boundaries!

Do you think that you might try out producing other genre’s someday? Or like doing an alias of

I’m always open to dabbling with other genres, but when I come up with a cool alias,
maybe I’ll think about putting out some tunes under that name! Lol

As an uprising Producer and a performer, which side of the musical career you prefer to stick
close to? The Producer side of yours and the satisfaction of creating music, or Djing and
interacting the crowd enthusiasts you more?

I started out as a DJ but nowadays you have to incorporate the production side into
your career in order to further yourself in my opinion. So, I would say that I prefer to
stick close to the DJing side, which was my passion to begin with as I was starting

So who would be Daniel’s ultimate idol in the electronic music scene? And Why?

At the moment, I’d say Nina Kraviz! I was blown away by her afterparty set at
Masonic Temple in Detroit a few years back, during Movement Festival. She is just
full of surprises and knows how to push boundaries with her sets.

Any comments regarding the techno scene’s situation as a whole? Do you think techno is being
commercialized and the scene is already saturated?

The scene has always been saturated. I mean when I started out, there was the
djlist.com, and boy were there thousands upon thousands of DJs on that list. I think
the scene is moving so fast that a constant change is always needed. As far as it
being commercialized, maybe a bit so, but I think that comes with the territory when
something good is discovered by a mass. Especially nowadays with how quickly things
get around on social media!

The “Underground” scene has been the “backbone” of dance music, as some opinions do
agree/insist on, what do you think?

The underground scene is where dance music was created, and I most certainly
think that it’s helped keep it alive throughout the years. Giving most credit to the
DJs, promoters, producers, and most importantly the people who’ve yearned for

Where do you see techno music and its scene in 10 years? Stable and growing, or going back to
its underground identity, and another genre taking over?

I see Techno definitely going back to the underground, as it’s already heading in that
direction. It’s been steadily growing over the past several years and I feel that it’s at its top, which is great! It’s pulling a whole new set of audiences, and there’s nothing wrong with others discovering its beauty!

Any specific names that Daniel would like to collaborate with in the near future?

Schacke, MRD, Rob Threezy, Avalon Emerson, MAXX ROSSI, Hector Oaks.

How is the pandemic affecting you and your plans for 2020 in general?

It’s definitely put a halt on plans and goals that were set prior to the pandemic. But
overall, even though things are pushed and put on hold, I’m just glad we have our health!

Any new music and big things coming up for Daniel Dejman this year?

I am currently working on a new EP with fellow Chicago producers and close friends
ROJII & Brian Binetti, which we plan to release in the fall!

Any words for todays bedroom producers?

Produce, Produce, Produce! Work on your craft, research, and most importantly set
goals & plans. Networking and marketing are a big key in this industry, and having the proper
plan and team can go a long way!

It’s a wrap! Thank you so much!

Thank you for having me, it was truly a pleasure! Stay safe and hopefully, we get to
do this again in the near future!

Feel Free to follow Daniel via his Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook Page.

His Latest EP:

Paul Gryllz
Paul Gryllz


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