Deadmau5 Keeps His Promises. Will Co-Produce Unknown Vocalist’s Entire Album

Deadmau5 is one of the most respectable artists out there. He’s really close to his fan base and also, he helps the up and coming artists from time to time. I bet you can remember the moment he found the vocals of his track ‘The Veldt’ during a livestream, here’s the video if you want to rewatch it.

Ten months ago, Joel posted on his reddit board that he found a truly talented unknown vocalist and pledged to fly him out to Mau5trap and co-produce an entire album for him, but with one condition: if he would get 1 million plays on his song.

1 million plays from deadmau5

Ten month later, Bo Mason reached the milestone and tweeted that everyone should let Deadmau5 know that he kept his end of the bargain.


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