Decoding OFFAIAH’s Layering Process in ‘Headspace’ Remix and More

OFFAIAH stands out as a Producer and DJ who continually pushes boundaries and explores new sonic territories; following his recent remix for Mistier’s ‘Headspace,’ OFFAIAH sat down with us to delve into the creative process behind this latest release, offering insights into his inspiration, production techniques, and future plans.
Join us as we explore the mind of this talented artist and gain a deeper understanding of his unique approach to music-making.

Hi OFFAIAH, it is a pleasure to meet you! How’s it going? Congrats on your release of the remix for ‘Headspace’! 

Thank you, it’s all going pretty well at the moment!

To begin, can you tell us more about the inspiration and concept behind this hard-hitting groovy remix? How did you come to decide to remix Mistier’s ‘Headspace’? 

I really loved the idea behind the vocal and the message it conveyed. I also liked the original mix a lot too, and thought I’d have something to add to the package.

Is there a feeling you are trying to convey to the audience with this remix versus the original track? 

A lot of the production process was driven by the lyrics of “Headspace,” and to me they made me think of being in a totally relaxed meditative state, so I wanted to have this underlying feeling conveyed to my listeners, but at the same time, have the rhythm and groove driving the track enough, that it translates well to the dance floor. So, finding the correct balance between the two, was quite an interesting process of trial and error.

What about this remix would you say defines your House sound? 

Music production for me is all about finding the groove and I always spend lots of time getting the groove nailed and working well with the body of the song. With ‘Headspace’ I spent quite a lot of time from the outset working on some percussive groove elements, working almost, subliminally in the background, which are synonymous with my sound. 

How does this track compare or differ from your previous releases or remixes? 

As I released a Techno track on Drumcode, recently, I wanted to take a small step in that direction compared to previous productions. I’d say the vision for ‘Headspace’ was more of a “’stepping stone’ towards that genre. ‘Headspace’ for me fell somewhere between Progressive and Melodic Techno, which I thought lent itself best, with the lyrical content and  its delivery. 

Would you say the BPM varies slightly than other ones? Can you walk us through your process for layering this track? 

The BPM is pretty much in the same zone as recent productions, being around 125-126bpm. When working on a new production the first thing I do is try to get a grove going and working on “Headspace” was no different. The first thing I had to do was listen to what key the song was in, and try a few variations of different basslines which seemed to fit the vocal. This was a case of trying different sounds, and playing different melodies until one just felt right. And as I started to build up the layers in other elements of the track, the production started to take on a life of its own in a very organic way.  

Were there new instruments or sounds added to this track that aren’t used in any of your other ones? Any cool new tribal percussion or beats used? 

To help make the underlying groove for ‘Headspace’ I decided to load up a whole batch of hip-hop loops, speed them up to 125 or 126 bpm and chop in various parts of the different loops in different segments of a 4-bar loop. After a lot of tweaking, I got it to a place where it worked well with the bass and kick, and it all went from there. There are some other cool sounds in the drops I used, incorporating some sounds from my Virus B synth. 

Was there a takeaway or something new you learned from producing this remix, that you’d like to share with new producers? 

It was cool to use hip-hop and some other abstract loops, and get them to work in a way that suits a more Progressive House music style such as ‘Headspace.’  I guess with enough tweaking, you can get anything to work well. 

How do you hope listeners react to this remix of ‘Headspace’?

I lot of time was spent working on elements, that are actually quite subliminal in the remix, so I’m hoping they will love it – obviously. 

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate or perform together in the future?

I would love to collab with MK on something in the near future. I think our sounds would work really well together. 

What’s next for OFFAIAH?

The next track I have out is a collaboration with David Penn and the track is called “Satisfied” and is out on 1st March 2024. Following that is a track called “Hands” and that’s out 22nd March. 

Wrapping up our interview, we thank OFFAIAH for sharing insights into his creative process and signature production style. OFFAIAH’s latest remix underscores his unique talent, solidifying his position as a prominent star in the industry. Follow him on social media to stay informed about his upcoming releases, live performances, and projects. ‘Headspace – OFFAIAH Remix’ is now available via Mistier Music on various streaming platforms and online stores.

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