DEROIA and Errow Deliver a Climactic Experience with ‘Pieces’

Dive into the driving beats of DEROIA and Errow’s new single, “Pieces”, as it seamlessly blends the atmospheric vibes of melodic dance music with the energetic melodies and rhythm of house and pop. Honing in on a hypnotic vocal and infectious bassline, the two create a sonic journey that does an incredible job of capturing the essence of late-night euphoria on the dance floor.

They got together on this tune after DEROIA sent Errow a rough draft with the vocal and wanted to see what sort of flavor Errow could add to it. Having both found moderate success with previous releases in their respective sounds, the two agreed that they wanted this to be a heavier 4 on the floor dance track that would be perfect for late night club and festival play. They ensured a strong backbone with a driving kick and rumbling bassline. Housey drums with swing and groove to guide those feet on the dance floor. A sense of cinematic tension as the track builds and approaches the final drop of the tune which erupts into a climactic “hands in the air” moment you can feel in your soul.

Instead of shopping this out to labels, the two agreed to release it on DEROIA’s homegrown “SCHEMA” imprint. A collective of incredible up and coming artists that are setting the blueprint and disrupting the old standard way of managing artists and their music. When it was all said and done, they knew they had something special…and it’s only proven itself through live play and other DJ support.

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